About Our Program and Teams

At BBA we believe in building strong foundational skills that will lead to long term success – NOT chasing trophies. We understand that the development of players is not a linear process nor does it look the same for every athlete.  ALL BBA teams are run by Mike Butia who is a former 5th round pick of the Cleveland Indians and Division 1 player.  In addition to his success on the field, Mike also built a successful career outside of baseball in the technology sector so he understands what it take to succeed in life too.

Our Teams & Differentiation

Our goal is to maximize the development through a combination of small group and team instruction.  Unlike most club programs, our teams practice year round to maximize development.  However, we do strongly encourage and support participation in multiple sports as we believe this is critical to building a complete athlete.

2024 Tryouts - 8u & 9u Developmental Program

Tryouts are free and are held at Butia Baseball Academy in Wexford PA. They are 40 minute sessions and can be booked using the scheduling button below.

The developmental program is designed to build strong core baseball fundamentals 

What is Included in Developmental Programs

The program will kickoff in early January and run through early June.  There will be a strong focus on building hitting, fielding and pitching fundamentals to ensure the kids are ready to transition to kid pitch.

Practice will consist of one weekly session at my facility and one weekly indoor team practice.

We will play in 3-4 tournaments from April – June.  The primary focus of this program is building fundamentals – not playing a ton of games with no practice.  

*Please note this program is designed to enable kids to participate in their rec/community programs and summer tournament teams while enabling them to supplement their skill development*

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