Training and Methods

Batting Lessons and Youth Baseball Training

Why Butia Baseball Academy?

Having played baseball for over 25 years including at both the collegiate and professional levels I have seen all different styles and methodologies of instruction and understand the importance of building strong fundamentals at a young age.

What makes us different?

Our Methods

At the Butia Baseball Academy we focus on building strong foundational skills by using repeatable methods for hitting, fielding and throwing. Our methods include leveraging both analytics and focusing on the core fundamentals to improve your game.

I strongly believe the mental side of the game is far more important then any physical talent or ability. I have seen many 5 tool players (hitting, hitting for power, running, fielding and throwing) that did not succeed because they struggled with the mental side of the game and lacked confidence.

The key to success in baseball and life is to have a disciplined, consistent and repeatable approach in everything you do and above all else have confidence in your abilities.

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