Private one-on-one and group baseball instruction

from Mike Butia, former 5th round draft pick of the Cleveland Indians

Welcome to Butia Baseball Academy

Private & Group Baseball Instruction in Pittsburgh PA

In the increasingly competitive game of baseball, players have the opportunity to learn one-on-one directly from Mike, a former division one baseball player and 5th-round pick of the Cleveland Indians. He works with kids and teens to hone their baseball skills as well as instill life skills that they will need on and off the field.

Butia Baseball Academy is a 4200 sq ft space in Wexford, PA where he has private lessons for hitting, pitching, throwing and fielding. He also teaches them how to maximize their natural talent and become mentally strong to set themselves apart from the competition.

mike butia baseball training Pittsburgh

Meet Mike

Training Philosophy

Mike believes that each kid possesses their own individual strengths and that with repetition, practice, and perseverance they can maximize their ability. Mike wasn’t always the strongest, fastest, or best player growing up but continued to put in the work day after day to refine and develop his skills.

It’s also not JUST about Baseball here at Butia Baseball Academy, it’s about teaching kids life skills, leadership, team work, discipline, finding success from failure and staying mentally strong.

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We have a 4200 sq ft facility that helps baseball players of all ages with the proper techniques and fundamentals to succeed, proper hitting, throwing and pitching mechanics. We offer 1:1 and group classes. You can also rent our turf for team practices. We are here to help kids maximize their natural talent and ability.

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